Keeping you covered

for all medical emergencies

Insurance, Because

life is not always predictable

Safeguard your property

with the right property insurance

Don’t let unexpected auto repairs

and accidents come in the way of

enjoying your daily drive

Protect yourself

from unreasonable claims, today!

Protecting your

business property and equipment

from irrevocable damages

A liability coverage

on a variety of risks,

not covered by traditional insurances

Enjoy a stress free import/ export business

with an insurance that protects your goods

in case of damage during transit

United Gulf Insurance Brokers

UGIB was established in the year 1995 to cater to the growing insurance needs in The Kingdom of Bahrain. Since our inception, we have strived to deliver innovative, professional grade, full service insurance solutions that suits our client’s needs.

We have partnered with some of the leading insurance providers across a variety of sectors such as travel, consumer and corporate entities. We deliver impactful solutions that assures growth and development. Backed by a global perspective, we give our clients the best of product development and distribution across mature and immature markets, thus minimizing risk In all of their endeavours.

Property Insurance

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Motor Insurance

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Consequential Insurance

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Miscellaneous Insurance

Certain high risk conditions may not be covered under traditional insurance policies, in which case... Read More

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance effectively protects the insurer against any risks that involves legal consequences... Read More

Medical Insurance

Medical & life insurance, which is also known as a health insurance is a policy that helps reduce... Read More

Marine / Transit Insurance

The marine insurance policy covers goods and freight that are in marine transit. It also covers... Read More

Our Services

The current market situation has resulted in a new crop of challenges for the insurance providers. Read More

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